What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Injury of the plantar ligament.graphic of heel pain
Excessive flattening of the arch on weight bearing.
Tight plantar fascia.
Over-pronation of the foot – a complex motion including outward rotation of the heel and inward rotation of the ankle.
Excessive load on the foot from increased body weight.
Arthritic changes to the big toe which alter the function of the plantar fascia.
Having a very high rigid arch profile of the foot.
Underlying medical conditions such certain types of arthritis or diabetes..
Plantar Fasciitis is most common in middle-aged overweight adults.

What is Policeman’s Heel?

Plantar fasciitis is sometimes known by an old-fashioned term ‘Policeman’s heel’ or ‘policeman’s foot’. The origin’s of this term are unknown but probably refers to a time in the past when there was higher than average prevalence of plantar fasciitis amongst policemen, and the job of a policeman itself was seen as the cause of this heel pain.

With the reduction of policemen ‘pounding the beat’ and an increased reliance on the cars as a means of transport the term Policeman’s heel is now a misnomer, as there is no modern evidence to suggest that certain occupational groups who walk a lot such as the police, or postal workers are more prone to plantar fasciitis. The only possible exception being new police recruits who find themselves suddenly undertaking unaccustomed levels of walking causing inflammation to the plantar fascia.

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